Anonymous asked: do you suggest or have a special diet to be healthy and reduce acne? and ive been doing really well without have beef or anything but i ate it for the first time in a long time today and im afraid i will break out after having it. D;

Just drink water and eat less junk food! Exercise is also very helpful because you sweat out a lot of the toxins in your skin!

Anonymous asked: I just went through about 80+ pages of your tumblr.. SO ENTERTAINING LOL oh how did you end up getting a job at the asiel design place?? do you know of any other places like that? i would love to work at a bridal boutique/floral type of store

Aww! Thank you so much for looking through my blog. I always love hearing that people spend time looking at my work! 

I ended up working for Asiel through my best friend. Her family had connections with the managers and practically gave me the job. But I am sorry, I do not know of any other floral/event design companies that are hiring at the moment!

Anonymous asked: did you have to do swimming in highschool during pe?

Yup! Except we just hung out in the pool because my PE teacher was the boss and let us have playtime. 

*splash, splash

Anonymous asked: where did you shoot your fam portrait?

It’s a park in Almaden near Hicks Road!